House Recovery Levels

Westminster, MD Sober Living Home For Women

Maddie’s House provides a Transitional Living Home dedicated to changing the lives of women suffering from substance abuse. Maddie’s House residents agree to maintain sobriety from mood altering chemicals and to offer each other support while living together as a community in our sober home.

Maddie’s House is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of women in all stages of recovery. We are a home rich in compassion and structure for women building skills of sobriety, faith, and responsibility.

Our philosophy is that we are a community of “Women Leading Women.”

Admission Criteria

  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Free from substance use – must be able to pass drug/alcohol screening
  • Interview with House Administrator and Director
  • First two weeks rent of $275.00

First Thirty Days at Maddie’s House

For the first 14 days a probationary status will be assumed by each new resident. During this time the resident is required to:
A. Contact the State Care Coordinator for Maddie’s House
B. Begin or continue Step work daily
C. Find a sponsor even if she is a temporary sponsor
D. Begin the practice of signing in and out daily
E. Begin the practice of a Daily schedule “to do list”
F. Continue the practice of a Daily devotion/meditation and journaling
G. Attend two 12-Step meetings daily
H. Begin networking at meetings
I. Obtain a written networking list and present to House Administrator/Director
During the first 14 days the following rules apply:
A. No visitors except for Sponsor unless preapproved
B. No cell phone, lap-top, I-Pod or tablet
C. Telephone calls in office only
D. A “house buddy” when leaving the house
E. 10PM curfew

Week Two

A. Continue “house buddy requirement”
B. Continue to follow rules of week one.
C. Actively start process to establish employment
D. Register at BERC taking advantage of employment courses
E. Face to Face with sponsor and House Administrator at Maddie’s House
F. Schedule IOP if appropriate and/or Mental Health appointments
G. Schedule all Women’s Wellness appointments
Your probationary status is not changed automatically on day 14. There must be a probation review by the Director/House Administrator and residents of the house. After a positive 14 day review one 4 hour pass per weekend will be allowed. Level I may be requested after 30 days of residency.

Weeks Three and Four

A. Continue “house buddy” requirement
B. 10 PM curfew
C. Daily 12 Step Meeting
D. Daily contact with your sponsor

All Recovery Events must be preapproved . NO last minute request!

Recovery Levels and Passes

There are Three Levels of Recovery at Maddie’s House. Each level has goals and expectations contained within them. Movement through these levels is set to allow you to move at your own pace. Movement from one level to another will not be automatic. Each resident will be required to submit in writing their request for the next level. All requests will be reviewed by the Director and House Administrator. An explanation of why you are ready to move to the next level, what you have learned at the present level and how you plan to incorporate this learning experience into your life are to be outlined. If your request for change in level is denied you may reapply in 30 days with a new request.

Level 1

*Commit to female sponsor, home group and begin work on the First Step
*Have obtained employment
*Attend all house activities as required, including groups and community meeting. Completed all expectations of First Thirty Days.
*Explanation of personal goals for Level I and what steps/effort are you willing to put in place to achieve those goals.

While on Level 1 the privileges are limited
*You may leave the house for employment, meetings and appointments.
*Time away must be requested and pre-approved. No last minute request will be considered.
*Pass – Two (2) Four (4) hour passes per week

Level 2

*Establish and maintain steady employment
*Meet financial obligations on time
*Establish a savings account and plan for a regular savings with a Financial Advisor
* Consistent communication with sponsor and networking with female members in the recovery community
While in Level 2 it is expected that you will be a positive role model to new members and continue Step work with your sponsor.

*Two (2) Twelve (12) hour passes per week

Level 3

*As a senior member of the house it implies integrity and consistency in all your actions
*Continue to meet all previous goals and expectations
*Present relapse warning signs and your Relapse Prevention Plan to the Community

*Two (2) 12 hour passes per week
*Two weekend passes per month


Sunday-Thursday: 11pm

Friday-Saturday: 1am

Please download, print & sign this form

Expectations & Levels