Welcome To Maddie's House

Westminster, MD Sober Living Home For Women

Maddie’s House is a sober house for women with behavioral health issues – substance abuse and mental health – for women aged 21 and older. We are a community of women who work and grow together.

Many, if not all individuals that come through Maddie’s House are uncertain of “what is normal” in their lives. Hence this is the reason why Maddie’s House is so important to those who desire to work their way back into normal routines within their communities.

We ask each individual to take pride and commitment to rules, expectations, and policies as a way to instill responsibility and accountability in our self-governing house.

Furthermore, each individual at Maddie’s is required to enhance, learn, and nurture skill sets that will assist in a successful recovery. Although not forced we offer a faith-based perspective where personal spiritual growth is attained.